10 things every blogger needs

Being a blogger firstly is a lot more “work” than I once believed it was and so for me the 10 things I feel a blogger would need are based on my own experience.

1. A phone, tablet or laptop

Let’s start practically. You need something to write on.

I write exclusively to Fun Mamma SA from my smart phone, directly to the WordPress APP.

I know others, like my daughter, who prefer writing on PC only and several bloggers who write drafts on a word program before transferring them to the back end of their blog.

I think it’s a personal preference. Just like keeping a diary or journal.

2. A niche

It’s not necessary, you could just write but if you want consistent readers it helps to have an audience to talk to.

3. Social media accounts

You really need to attract readers to your blog and so the best way to do that is on your social media account.

Setting up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to share your blog pages and grow your audience is relatively easy.

The trick is to post consistently on these platforms.

4. Photos

I prefer to use my own photos rather than stock images and over the years have learnt the benefit of taking great photos.

I still don’t have that breathtaking Instagram feed but my photos have improved.

5. Canva

I would be lost without CANVA. It’s my go to APP to design anything!

From blog banners to Instagram story images.

Great design is just as important as attractive photos.

6. Writing skill

Basic grammar and spelling will allow you to write but to write truly great blogs you need to be able to express yourself effectively. You need to speak directly to your audience.

7. A thick skin

The blogging world can be lonely and ultra competitive. You need to realise that if you are blogging it needs to be for you first, then your readers.

There’s always a troll or a competitor.

8. A teach myself mindset

In the begining blogging may seem like just sharing thoughts but you will soon want to gain more readers and need to teach yourself to read stats, monitor posts, find the right hashtags, place tags on photos, add links, write with SEO and a hundred other skills.

All the answers can be found on a Google search but you will need a mind open to learning in order to develop your skills.

9. Coffee

So many late nights will be filled with writing, or worrying over one or other blog aspect that you will need an insane amount of coffee to stay awake. 😋

10. A notebook

Lastly a notebook… To jot down the multitude of blog post ideas that come to you at midnight, in the car, while you tying shoe laces.

If you ever have enough time to write them all ….now that is another story 😂😂

What on this list do you think I’ve missed?

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