The Baby wombworld night light and sleep training clock

Hamish has recently transitioned into his own bed and we were faced with two problems …

1. To find a small light that he could operate if he needed to get up at night

2. To find a way to regulate his sleeping pattern and keep him in bed a little longer

The Baby WombWorld night light and sleep training clock

I was immediately drawn to the compact and stylish Baby WombWorld night light and sleep training clock.

This ingenious clock is inspired by nature to simulate natural sunrises and sunsets, allowing your child to wake up naturally, gently and more rested.

Using 6 soft hues of green, red, blue, pink, orange and indigo and a white light that vary in brightness on one of 10 levels.

How does it work

To simulate a sunrise the lights will start on level 1 brightness and gradually brighten to a level 10.

For the sunset, 30 minutes before sunset, the light automatically starts to dim from level 10 brightness down to level 1.

Our experience

We’ve been using the nightlight/ clock for a little over a week and I was eager to see if we could set a routine for Hamish with it.

He would wake anywhere from 5am to 7am depending on if he had slept during the day or if he had gone to bed at 8pm or just after.

Because we still wake him at night to go to the loo, he was also sometimes only half awake when he woke up in the morning and obviously then niggly and not as rested.

The first two days I wasn’t sure we were actually going to make much difference and Hamish continued to wake and come to me.

A week later, he now wakes with the alarm, preferring the natural sounds to the radio and his body has found a natural rhythm of waking at 6.30am each morning.

This gives me some time to wake before him.

He’s also more rested during the day and less inclined to be moody, and I’m still waking him once at night to go to the toilet.

Best of all I find by 7.30pm he’s well and truly done for the day and ready for bath, story and bedtime.

Extra features

The Baby WombWorld night light and sleep training clock is an alarm clock and light that will grow with Hamish.

The design is stylish and will compliment any room.

It has a digital time display, alarm function and snooze button.

Your child can choose to wake to the FM radio, which is great as they get older or any one of the 6 natural sounds.

The light plugs into any plug point, uses a DC 5v battery or USB and if there is a power outage you can use 2x AAA batteries to keep to your childs sleep routine.

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Where to buy your own Baby Wombworld night light and sleep training clock

The Baby Wombworld night light and sleep training clock is avaliable from

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  1. Do you have instructions for this light? We’ve gotten one recently but can’t set it up.

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