Things to Do With Kids in Pretoria – 7 Fun-filled Activities

Pretoria is host to the country’s leading national museum (the Transvaal Museum), national zoological garden (Pretoria Zoo), many art and cultural museums, head offices of federal departments, and several foreign embassies. It comes as no surprise as to why this city is one of South Africa’s three capitals. 

The streets here are adorned with striking purple Jacaranda trees and various hip cafes. Being a family-friendly city, there is an abundance of fun stuff to do in Pretoria with your kids. From outdoor activities consisting of zoo trips and treetop adventures to indoor ice skating, go-karting, and enjoying a fascinating show at the theatre.

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What to Do in Pretoria With Kids

Pretoria has an endless list of activities that will keep your kids engaged, while learning some valuable skills. The city has a solid list of zoos, farms, outdoor sports, thrilling activities, and indoor recreations that will keep your kids on their toes and out of your hair.

Here’s a comprehensive list of what to do in Pretoria with your kids. And if you have a babysitter and are looking for some grown-up time, take a look at these things to do in Joburg for the adults.

Things to Do in Pretoria At Night With Kids

The night brings a different kind of Tasmanian Devil out of young kids. No matter how many lullabies you sing or how exciting the bedtime story may be, it’s tough to get them to sleep. Engaging kids in daytime and early nighttime activities is an excellent way to tire them out, so by the time they’ve reached home, they’re ready to be tucked away in bed.

Ice Skating & More At The Grove Mall

The one-and-only ice-skating rink in Pretoria is located at the Grove Mall. After a skating episode, your little snowflakes can enjoy a blockbuster film at the IMAX cinema, right across the hall. The Grove Mall also has a water park for toddlers and an entertainment arena with arcade games, bumper cars, laser tag and 10-pin bowling. Your kids will never get bored here with the endless list of electrifying activities and games at hand.


Are you exhausted from trying to keep up with hyperactive kids? This activity is perfect for you to relax, while your kids burn off some energy. Dyno Karting at Menlyn Park has smooth go-karting tracks allowing your teens to make the most of their adrenaline rush as they zoom down the black path.

Fun Things to Do in Pretoria With Kids – Outdoor Activities

In a technologically-driven world, where electronic gadgets and at-home media consume children of today’s generation, it can be challenging to get them to spend time outdoors. However, children need to play outside as it boosts their immunity and improves their executive function. In the warm sun, surrounded by nature, kids get to explore and learn practical skills. 

The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

Also known as the Pretoria Zoo, the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa is the largest zoo in the country. It spans more than 200-acres and is home to more than 3,000 animals. The zoo is also a research hub and features a reptile park, an aquarium, and an exotic tree collection. A trip to the Pretoria Zoo is not only an enlightening learning experience but also crucial for your kids to get in sync with nature. 

Not just for kids, even adults will love spending their time here, seeing wild animals like lions, tigers, and giraffes up close. In the farmyard, the entire family can pet cows, sheep, and pigs. In the aviary, you can hear birds chirp and sing. A cable car will take you up to a mountain, where you’ll be closer than ever to predator animals (in a safe way). And the Apies River at the zoo is a perfect picnic spot, so bring a basket of fresh goods with you.

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Theme Park

Who doesn’t love a classic theme park with thrilling rides? For the young and old, the Cedar Junction Theme Park has mini-train rides, jungle gyms, a sandpit, jumping castles, trampolines, a zip-line, a swimming pool with a slide, pedal boats, and much more. You can spend an entire day here with your children, who will be squealing in joy at every tunnel turn and height spin on their rides. 

Treetop Adventure

Ah, to be Tarzan and swing from branch to brand with one hand on a rope and the other in the air! Acrobranch provides its visitors with a unique adventure, where the entire family can participate in different obstacle courses. It’s like a workout amongst the green trees. Kids will get to work on their fitness and feel ecstatic from their victory when they’ve overcome these challenges.

Unusual Things to Do in Pretoria

Step aside from the usual energetic outdoor activities to let your kids catch their breath while indulging in some unusual and slightly underrated activities in Pretoria.

Atterbury Theatre

For the kids who like storytelling and visual elements, Atterbury Theatre is a splendid choice. The theatre hosts concerts and plays of different genres that tell enchanting stories. Change up the scene by shifting from the blue screen at home to a live performance that will leave your kids inspired. Be sure to check in advance what shows they have for kids.

Clay Cafe

To encourage your kids to explore their artistic side, a visit to the Clay Cafe will be a relaxed and creatively stimulating experience. Adults and children can choose a clay piece and play with a colourful palette to make their unique creations while nibbling on little freshly-baked treats.

Final Thoughts on Pretoria’s Activities for Kids

And there you have it, an exciting list of fun things to do in Pretoria to keep your kids occupied on public holidays, during the weekend, and on school holidays. Pitch these activities to your kids and let them decide which adventure they wish to undertake. That way, they’re more excited for the day planned and are committed to it.



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  1. Thanks for this! We took our kids ice skating at the Grove – and they had an absolute blast!!!! What a great experience

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