Try the best ice cream in Blouberg

You can feel summer in the air.

Cape Town is once again alive as the days are warmer, the sun seems “sunnier” and the air has lost the Winter gloom and mist.

We are once again sleeping with open doors and heading outside. For us this means more trips to the beach, not that you ever need a reason to go to the beach.

There is nothing better than starting the morning with a beach walk along the coast and ending the evening on the cool white sands, watching the sun start to set over the ocean.

The only thing that makes this experience better is ……. Ice cream!

The best ice cream in Blouberg

If you are in Blouberg the best place to grab an ice cream for the kids ( and the big people) is a little kiosk store called Sea Breeze.

Sea Breeze has been on the corner of Beach Boulevard (at Porterfield road) for as long as I have been in Cape Town.

It offers the biggest portions of soft serve ice cream and the best service. With their sunny smiles, the staff will offer you a choice of flavours and cones…don’t forget to add a flake.

Ice creams start at R15 and Hamish’s favourite is the little face cone they make. This little snow cone with its dipped hat and sweetie face is the perfect sized fun treat for little people.

All that is left to do is to enjoy your ice cream and the beautiful view of Table mountain, seated at the benches outside or walk across the road and stroll the beach as you savour each delicious lick.



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  1. Thanks a lot for this unexpected nice review of my little kiosk, we will definitely keep this good service up.

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