Win a family membership to The Two Oceans Aquarium

The school holidays are around the corner and Hamish and I wanted to share our love of the aquarium with you so we have collaborated with the Two Oceans Aquarium to gift one lucky family membership for a year.

About the Two Oceans Aquarium

Of-fish-ally our favourite place in Cape Town. Hamish and I could spend every day at the aquarium and still learn something new each time.

Situated at the V and A Waterfront, The magnificent Two Oceans Aquarium showcases the increadible diversity of marine life found in Africa’s Two Oceans.

The aquarium is one of Cape Town’s top tourist attractions and currently hosts over 3000 living sea creatures. These include fish, shark, penguin and turtles who all enjoy spectacular underwater homes.


The aquarium is so much more than just a pretty place to view the splendors of the Oceans. Two Oceans Aquarium strive to be ambassadors for the ocean and host many initiatives to educate the public about our fish friends. They run educational and conservation projects and host several opportunities to explore, experience and engage with our ocean creatures and marine life.

Visit the Two Oceans Aquarium

You can view one of our many visits here

When visiting the Two Oceans Aquarium it’s always helpful to know the following information


The aquarium is open daily from 9: 30am – 6pm


Adults.                                                     R210

Kids. 14 – 17/ students/ pensioners   R160

Kids 4- 13.                                               R100

Kids under 4 are Free


  • Membership can be puchased for the full year and works out to a little less than the price of three visits. Your memberships are valid for full year from the date of purchase.
  • After 3pm special- the aquarium offer a discounted price if you visit after 3pm
  • Free birthday tickets- If you produce your SA ID you will receive a free day pass ticket to the aquarium.
  • Your ticket is valid for the full day . You can pop out for lunch and come back to enjoy the rest of the exhibits

Things to do 

There is no shortage of things to do at the aquarium, but if you are visiting with kids, here are some things to look out for :-

  • Get a stamp at the entrance and then see it glow in the Jelly Gallery
  • Take a family photo at the green screen with the aquarium photographer
  • Visit the Nemo tank and climb under to watch the fish swimming above your head
  • Watch the waves spill into the wave pool
  • Say hi to the Kysna seahorses and use the fun wooden seahorse on the wall to learn more about them.
  • Look out for the playful octopus
  • Climb into the jellybabies box and get a selfies
  • Follow the lifecycle of the jellyfish in the jelly gallery
  • Learn more about turtles and Climb into the giant turtle shell
  • Discover more about interesting sea creatures like sea anemones and hermit crabs at the microscope learning area where the kids can fully emerge themselves in fun interactive learning from knowledgeable staff
  • Find the baby stingray and watch as they swim towards you
  • Discover the coelecanth exhibit and uncover its fossil in the fossil pit
  • Visit the touch pool and get your hands in the water
  • Greet the penguins and watch them being fed. While you are visiting the penguins take a photo next to the cut outs and see what size penguin your little one is.
  • Count the aquatic frogs ( boys love this) and Cape toads in their tanks
  • Look to see if you can find the mud skippers in their tank. They camouflage well
  • Touch an otter skin
  • Have a coffee break at the coffee spot…try the iced biscuits you’ll go back for more!
  • Watch the I & J exhibit which is remarkable.  You can catch a feeding here at certain times.
  • Visit Shark Alley and learn more about sharks, see the most deadliest creature here and try some of the interactive and engaging activities.
  • Stop to admire the kelp forest
  • Catch a feeding at several of the tanks. You’ll find a time table at the front as you enter the aquarium.
  • Join a penguin waddle. You can find the times for these on a board as you enter the aquarium.
  • And dont forget to pop down to The kids corner, it has puppet shows, games for all ages, a sand pit and crafts every day.

These and do many more are the reason why we love Two Oceans Aquarium and why every child should get the chance to experience this under the sea delight at least once in their childhood.

The prize

The prize will include :

  • 2 adult annual memberships
  • 2 cchildren’s annual memberships

How to enter

All you have to do to enter is :

@funmammasa on Instagram or Facebook


  • Comment below with your favourite things to do at the Two Oceans Aquarium.


  • Share this post with  a few fish loving friends

Competition closes 10th October 2023



14 Replies to “Win a family membership to The Two Oceans Aquarium”

  1. I love taking my 4 year old son to see the penguin. It’s a bit pricey for myself, my son and my husband to go so we go when it either mine or my husband’s birthday to enjoy one free ticket . However we missed our trip for my husbands birthday last year as I was pregnant and would not be able to handle the smell of those beautiful animals however we will be returning next weekend for hubbys birthday with a 4 year old and 4 month old

  2. We absolutely love the shows, and taking it all in and be grateful for the amazing fish we can see

  3. I just love the penguins and the amazing fact that we’re able to see all the sea life up close, especially the sea turtles

  4. We absolutely love the Art classes and the puppet shows. My fav is the Jellyfishes they are amazing.
    Post shared to my facebook group 🙂

  5. I love watching the sharks and going through the Penguin area

    My youngest is at the perfect age to appreciate and enjoy the aquarium now too

  6. We absolutely love the Aquarium, especially on cold and wet days. My kids love the kids corner, touch pools, feeding of the penguins and the Sharks.

    1. We absolutely love seeing the turtles and the jellyfish. We have been going about 4 times this year so this prize will be so amazing for us family!

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