Canal walk presents The Little Mermaid

The highlight of our school holiday had to be Hamish and Amelia’s playdate to Canal walk to watch their musical production of the children’s classic, The Little Mermaid.

The show

Audience were invited to immerse themselves under the sea where Hans Christian Anderson’s timeless characters became real.

Through the use of beautiful props, quirky puppets and gorgeous outfits the underwater world came alive to retell the story of a young mermaid so eager to go to land that she sells her voice to the sea witch to find true love.

Our experience

Our play date was to watch The little mermaid. So as moms do, we decided to keep our plans secret and we didn’t tell the kids until in the car. By then the excitement was overwhelming.

We arrived and collected our tickets, these two were beaming from ear to ear. They proudly showed off their tickets as we waited, admiring the sea animals in the auditorium whilst waiting for the show to start.

From the very first second that Ariel dives on stage Hamish was engrossed.

He clapped, and spoke back to the characters. He danced with the sea witch and her crazy fish and he felt each emotion of the story.

At one stage he told me Ursela’s powerful voice was singing straight from her tummy.


Once again an outstanding family production and I can only imagine the amount of hard work and practice that goes into creating such a show.

A wonderfully modern version of the classic tale. The effects, puppets, outfits and props are awesome. From glittery pink dolphins and singing clams to the mighty king Neptune.

The little mermaid is truly gorgeous and her prince incredibly regal but the narrator turtle was a firm favourite as he dotted around sharing words of wisdom.

Thank you for a wonderful show.


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