John Frieda hosts a fun wellness day for local influencers

At the end of March John Frieda South Africa invited me to a relaxing and fun wellness event for local influencers.

About Ananda Sanctuary Yoga Studio

The John Frieda mental wellness/yoga event was held at the stunning Ananda sanctuary yoga studio.

The Ananda Sanctuary is situated in a beautiful old double- story Victorian building in the heart of Woodstock, Cape Town.

This premier studio is powered by sustainable solar energy and is an oasis of wellbeing which offers a broad spectrum of yoga classes.

With multiple yoga studios that are illuminated by natural light , an infra-red headed studio, open air courtyard decorated in succulents, serene front yard, book and wellness shop and peaceful Koi conservatory, yoga enthusiasts can enjoy a relaxing space that truly embodies a commitment to nature and sustainability.

My experience

It was my first time ever trying yoga and I  will not lie, I was increadibly nervous as to how many of the poses my increadibly unfit body would be able to achieve. I realised I’m not as flexible or balanced as I thought I  I was also suprised at how easy, relaxing and achievable many of the poses are. I had fun and certainly felt so much more relaxed after the yoga session.

What I learnt

One of the things that was highlighted throughout the morning was that of us setting an intention for how our day would go. I love the idea of setting an intention over my day and think I may just add yoga to my new self love routine.


We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch, some relaxing and chatting with colleagues in the influencer industry and getting a better look at the John Frieda products.

Lunch was a delicious array of fresh fruits and vegetables, filling salads and dainty quiche. A colourful visual delight that was even more delectable on the palate.

John Frieda South Africa

Our hosts John Frieda South Africa set out to ensure that not only did we look great, but that we felt great too.

Knowing that true wellness needs to be holistic and we need to be physically, mentally and spiritually in alignment to feel our best selves.

John Frieda was started in London, over three decades ago and today is a reputable brand delivering excellence, high quality salon products that are targeted to your specific hair needs

In conclusion

As moms it’s so important to look after our mental health as well as our physical health and this amazing yoga event , lovely lunch and goody bag of spoils from John Frieda were just what was needed to make me feel special, relaxed and ready for the busy month ahead.


Thank you for the spoil @johnfriedasouthafrica @nfluence_pr and @anandasanctuaryyoga 💕


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