Toys R Us Partners with Mattel in Support of Women 4 Women

20 percent of Barbie careers range sales to be donated towards life skills training

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 Toys R Us is partnering with leading global toy company Mattel in support of the Women4Women Foundation, a non-profit organisation focused on female empowerment, upliftment, and youth education.

Twenty percent of all sales on the Barbies Career range will be donated to the foundation to further their mission and contribute to children’s education.

Women4Women was founded by Cindy Nell-Roberts in 2017 with a dedicated team focused on life skills for underprivileged girls in South Africa. The organisation launched with an ambitious goal to improve the lives of the less fortunate and previously disadvantaged girls of South Africa by providing access to life skills and education.

The Barbie careers range available at Toys R Us is inspired by real-life heroes like nurses, doctors, teachers, firefighters, farmers, surfers, and astronauts to name a few, and will be on sale with twenty percent of each product sold from the range donated to support the Women4Women foundation.

“South Africa has a long way to go to increase education amongst females in underprivileged communities, with the great work that Women4Women do in these communities we are thrilled to support such a worthwhile initiative,” says Catherine Jacoby, Marketing Manager at Toys R Us. “Women4Women is helping to improve job creation, increase income levels and growth of female-owned businesses, and ultimately aims to empower all females to improve their circumstances – a feat that cannot be done alone.”

Jacoby adds that the funds raised in partnership with Mattel will help Cindy the former beauty queen and entrepreneur to continue with her incredible work in helping women find their voice and increase the power of strength in numbers through her development and empowerment-based NGO.

“Cindy is a role model to many girls, much like Barbie who has over the last 63 years been in the hearts and homes of little girls as an inspiration,” she explains. “The Barbie careers range has been specifically created to inspire young girls with real life heroes because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become.”

“The Barbie Career dolls inspire kids to dream big and aim high! Each doll wears a career-themed outfit along with accessories to play out professional moments,” Jacoby adds. “There are so many careers to explore, over 200 and counting, including a doctor, scientist, chef, tennis player, pilot and pop star, with each doll wearing an outfit for a day on the job.”

“The range includes different body types, skin tones, eye colours and hairstyles to make storytelling and collecting more fun, ultimately sending a message to young girls that they can be or do anything.”

“We’re humbled to partner with Toys R Us on this initiative to support the Women4Women Foundation. Our decades-long relationship with Toys R Us affords us the opportunity to get on the ground and support worthwhile causes like this,” says Cindy Veldsman, Country Manager Mattel EMEA. “Since her debut in 1959 Barbie has held over 200 jobs, and we’re very excited to have an extensive range in South Africa which makes a real-world impact.”

“Children are inspired by what they see around them, and it is vital for young girls to see themselves in real-life scenarios which are attainable so that they can inspire the next generation,” Veldsman adds. “This is ultimately why we support initiatives like Women4Women whose values are aligned to the Barbie brand.”

For more information or to see the great work that Women4Women do visit:  or find them on Instagram: @women4womensa

Buy any doll from the Barbie Careers range between the 9th of September to 9th October 2022 and help contribute to a child’s education. 20% of each product sold will be donated to support the Women4Women Foundation.

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