How to pack the perfect road trip picnic & recipes

Sunday road trips to nowhere are my absolute favourite thing to do.

I love climbing in the car, wide open road ahead of us, 80’s music blaring, and no real destination in sight.
I’ll normally make coffee in travel mugs, which have an almost metallic aftertaste as you sip on the hot caffeine.
In the back is the juice for the kids and water for us all. And in the boot, our trusty picnic basket or cooler box, filled with “padkos”¹
These are often “finger foods”, dried wors² biltong³, fruits or nuts that are quick to grab as we are in the car.

What foods to pack on a road trip

I pack two types of food when we are on a road trip.
The first is small snacks that can be enjoyed in the car, throughout the journey and the other is a full picnic, one where we need to stop and find a park or beach spot to enjoy.
On the go :
Dried fruit
Hard fruits like apples, pears, etc
Dried wors
Salty crackers
Mini rice cakes
Baby tomatoes
Cucumber slices
Carrot or celery sticks
Breakfast bars
Bottled water
Bottled juice
You can also try my favourite snack ideas:
Sit down picnics make it much easier for you to sit down and enjoy a meal.
Here I like to pack sandwiches,  wraps, pita pockets or rolls for the beach. Easy foods that allow you to eat and keep busy while still feeding kids who need to be reminded to eat something.
If we are going to a designated picnic area, park or plan to find a roadside picnic space I will pack more complex meals.
Some great picnic meals are : 
Roast chicken
Spicy chicken wings
You can also try some of my favourites :

Pulled pork picnic rolls

Mini smiley meat pies
Other things to pack in for your road trip:
A picnic blanket
Paper plates
Plastic bag for trash
First aid kit
Sun screen
Wet wipes
Spare water
Toys to keep the kids busy
Sometimes as South African we use certain terms that may not be known to readers outside of South Africa.
I’ll add a small definition of those terms.
¹Padkos – translated as road food, it literally means something to eat on your travels.
²Dried wors – thin dried sausage, often made from beef or veal
³Biltong – dried meat often made from beef or veal.
⁴Vetkoek– deep fried flour batter cut open and filled with an assortment of ingredients

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