5 coffee-licious ways to celebrate International coffee day

It’s no secret just how much I love coffee so when it comes to International coffee day I celebrate my favourite way to recharge, unwind, focus and start my day.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate International coffee day

1. Coffee in bed

Serve your partner their favourite coffee in bed. Add a cute love note and a flower or biscuit.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good caffeine spoil?

Two of our favourite coffees to start our day are :

2. Coffee date

Call up a fellow caffeine lover and meet at your favourite coffee shop or cafe to catch up over coffee.

My top 3 favourite coffee spots are

3. Support fair trade

Purchase some Fair trade coffee, and support the ethical and environmental footprint of the global coffee trade.

You could try :

To learn more about fairtrade visit http://www.fairtrade.org.za

4. Coffee tasting

Become a coffee connoisseur by enjoying a coffee tasting and learning the origin and history as you sip on your favourite blends.

You can try a tasting at :


5. Personalised a coffee mug

Not only do I love coffee, I love coffee mugs and have one to express every mood.

Order yourself a mug each year and very soon you will have a caffeine inspired shelf of slogans to express yourself with.

How ever you choose to celebrate International coffee day I hope it’s full of beans.

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