Covid -19 lock down – 10 ways to keep busy in week 2

We are in week 2 of lockdown and by now the frustration of not going about our “normal” routines are starting to show.

The “holiday” feeling is wearing off and our children ( teens included) are well and truly bored with us and the 4 walls of our homes.

Here are 10 ways they can keep busy, inspired and productive during this period.

10 fun ways to keep busy

  1. Make a journal, record thoughts
  2. Go on a scavanger hunt
  3. Make a time capsule
  4. Paint rainbow rocks
  5. Join a photo challenge
  6. Take an online class
  7. Video message a family member
  8. Send some ecards or post cards
  9. Have their photos taken with 3D animals
  10. Go on a virtual field trip

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